Sword Handle Cap Set (Fuchi-Gashira) of Birds
  • Sword Handle Cap Set (Fuchi-Gashira) of Birds

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    This is a fine antique set of matching metal caps (fuchi-gashira) that are at either ends of the handle of the Japanese long sword (katana). The base metal of the set is the copper-gold alloy (shakudō) with an exceptionally fine texture surface (nanako-ji). The popular design of a flock of birds is very nicely inlayed in high relief of gold. This set would be great for collectors as a fine example late Edo Kinko style fuchi-gashria or to adore a fine set of matching fittings (koshirae) of a Japanese sword.

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      The set is signed "利廣「花押]". The upper cap (fuchi) measures 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) long by 2.3 cm (0.9 inches) wide. The lower cap (kashira) 3.4 cm (1.4 inches) long by 2.1 cm (0.8 inches) wide. The condition is excellent. The set comes in a wooden storage box.

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