Sword Handguard (Tsuba) with Gold Cloisonné Inlays
  • Sword Handguard (Tsuba) with Gold Cloisonné Inlays

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    The is an antique iron handguard (tsuba) with openwork design and gold lined cloisonné inlays in the shape of flower arrangements. It has a raised copper rim cover. More photographs and information about this tsuba can be obtained on this webpage: Tsuba Gallery #1 | Tsuba Otaku. It is the second tsuba from the top of the webpage.

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      The handguard measures 8.0 cm (3.2 inches) wide by 8.4 cm (3.4 inches) high. The rim of the handguard is 0.4 cm (0.2 inches) thick. The handguard is unsigned by the artist. The condition is excellent for an antique with no damage to the intricate inlays.

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