Short Sword (wakizashi) in Edo Period Style Mounts
  • Short Sword (wakizashi) in Edo Period Style Mounts

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    This is a short sword (wakizashi) in original antique Edo Period style mounts made of iron with copper-gold alloy (shakudo) handle ornaments (menuki). The sword blade dates from the early Edo Period circa the Kanbun Era (1661-1673 CE). The mounts likely date a little bit younger from the middle to late Edo Period circa early 18th to mid-19th centuries.  The blade is in an art polish that shows a clear temper pattern (hamon) straight style (suguha) and good overall shape and blade geometry. The forging pattern (jihada) is a random (itame) style mixed with a few patches of wood burl (mokume). The sword blade has been authenticated and attributed by the NBTHK to be the work of Fujiwara Moriyuki of Bungo Province. He is a master swordsmith and ranked ‘chu-jo-saku’ by Master Sword Polisher and Appraiser Fujishiro. The mounts have also been authenticated by the NBTHK.

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      The blade like the mounts are both unsigned (mumei). The original handguard has been lost and an antique replacement made.  The cutting edge of the blade (nagasa) measures 17.1 inches (43.4 cm). The full length of the short sword in its mounts is 24.9 inches (63.2 cm). Overall the condition of the mounts is very good with some age appropriate ware to the silk handle wrap (tsuka-maki) and scabbard cord (sageo). The only thing missing from this fittings set is the accessory knife (kogatana). The blade itself is in excellent condition with a few minor scratches and minor flaws common to antiques Japanese sword blades. 

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