Short Sword (wakizashi) by Yoshimichi
  • Short Sword (wakizashi) by Yoshimichi

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    This is a short sword (wakizashi) in plain wooden storage scabbard (shira-saya). This short sword was judged to be the work of the 1st Generation Yoshimichi and dates to the early Edo Period circa the Shōhō Era from 1644-1648 CE. The blade is in a wonderful art polish shows the details of temper pattern (hamon) and forging pattern (jihada) very clearly. The temper pattern a variation of the straight (suguha) is characteristic of Yoshimichi School and is called sudareba which literally means bamboo blind in Japanese. The temper pattern of the tip (boshi) is of the uncommon and very specific mishina style.  

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      The blade is signed by the artist Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi (丹波守吉道). The cutting edge of the blade (nagasa) measures 18.1 inches (46.0 cm). The full length of the short sword in storage scabbard is 27.2 inches (69.1 cm). Overall the condition of the wooden storage scabbard is very fine with just a few stuffs on the two-piece gold foil over copper blade collar (habaki). The blade itself is in excellent condition with a very fine art polish. All the details of steel are vivid and clear because of the excellent condition of the polish. 

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