Short Sword (wakizashi) by Tsunatoshi
  • Short Sword (wakizashi) by Tsunatoshi

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    This is a short sword (wakizashi) in plain wooden storage scabbard (shira-saya). This short sword is the work of Katō Tsuatoshi (加藤綱俊) who worked during Bunsei Era of the late Edo Period in Yonezawa. The blade is in a wonderful art polish shows the details of temper pattern (hamon) and forging pattern (jihada) very clearly. The temper pattern a dynamic Toran-midare. The forging pattern shows fine random flow to the grain (itame).  

    • Product Information

      The blade is signed and dated by the swordsmith artist Katō Tsuatoshi (加藤綱俊) in the 8th month of the fourth year of Bunsei Era (1821 CE) a resident of Yonezawa. The cutting edge of the blade (nagasa) measures 17.7 inches (45.0 cm). The full length of the short sword in storage scabbard is 26.0 inches (66.0 cm). Overall, the condition of the wooden storage scabbard is fine. The blade itself is in excellent condition with a fine art polish. All the details of steel are vivid and clear because of the overall excellent condition of the art polish. There is a very minor nick to the tip of the sword and a few very minor scratches. A full English translation of the NBTHK apparel paper is included.

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