Short Sword (Wakizashi) by Hiromasa


This is an antique short sword (wakizashi) by the master swordsmith Hiromasa who worked in Sagami Province currently Kanagawa Prefecture. The temper pattern (hamon) is very dynamic and shows a style which randomly extends to other parts of the blade besides the edge (hitatsura). This style was first developed and made popular by the swordsmiths of the Shōshū tradition during the Kamakura Period (1185–1333 CE). Areas containing large visible crystals of martensite (ji-nie) are visible among the surface of the steel in addition to the forging pattern (ji-hada). Please refer to the fifth photograph for reference. The overall shape of the sword is a rare one with only a ridgeline on one side (katakiriha-zukuri).

Based on the characteristics of the workmanship I would estimate it was likely done by either the 4th or 5th generation Hiromasa who worked from the Bun´an to Meiō Era (1444 -1501 CE). The sword is sold.

  • Product Information

    The antique short sword comes in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) with a very nice one-piece thick foil gold with copper base blade collar (habaki). The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this short sword is 41.1 cm (16.2 inches). The overall length is 63.5 cm (25 inches). The condition of the sword is excellent for its age, and it is in a full Sashikomei style art polish made popular by the Fujishiro School of Japanese sword polishing.

    The sword was appraised to be authentic, good quality, and worthy of historical preservation by the NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword) at the Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo, Japan. It was appraised on 12/17/2003. More information about the NBTHK and the Japanese Sword Museum can be found here:                         

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    Returns are accepted during a three-day inspection period starting upon acceptance of the item with a 10% restocking fee of the original purchase price.  Items wanting to be returned after this three-day inspection period can be purchased back at a discounted price at the discretion of the management of Rain Dragon Art and Antiques, LLC.

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