Short Sword (Wakizashi) by Masahiro


This is an antique short sword (wakizashi) by the master swordsmith Masahiro who worked in the castle town of Saga in Hizen Province currently Saga Prefecture. The temper pattern (hamon) shows a style consisting of undulating waves of similar size (gunome). Areas containing large visible crystals of martensite (ji-nie) are visible among the surface of the steel in addition to the fine forging pattern (ji-hada). Please refer to the third photograph for reference. The overall shape of this sword has a ridgeline and defined tip (shinogi-zukuri). The first generation Masahiro working period is from the Kanei Era to the Shoho Era (1624-1648 CE) of the early Edo Period.

  • Product Information

    The antique short sword comes in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) with a nice one-piece foil silver with copper base blade collar (habaki). The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this short sword is 59.5 cm (23.8 inches). The overall length is 88.0 cm (35.2 inches). The condition of the sword is very good for its age. It is in an older art polish with a few minor dark stains along the back of the blade.

    The sword is signed (Hizen Kuni Saga Jū Masahiro 肥前國佐賀住正廣) by the swordsmith who made and was apprised in Japan by the well-known and respected NTHK (Nihon Tōken Hozon Kai) an organization now lead by Yoshikawa Eiichi who is curator of swords for the Japanese Imperial Household Agency, the Shosoin Imperial Repository and Seikado Museum. The official NTHK appraisal certificate is still in the process of being written and issued from Japan. Once this is done it will be forwarded to the sword’s new owner.

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    Returns are accepted during a three-day inspection period starting upon acceptance of the item with a 10% restocking fee of the original purchase price.  Items wanting to be returned after this three-day inspection period can be purchased back at a discounted price at the discretion of the management of Rain Dragon Art and Antiques, LLC.

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