Satsuma Miniature Earthenware Vases


A pair of miniature earthenware vases produced by the Satsuma School of southern Japan.  The design is polychromatic and thickly enameled with raised textured in places on each vase.  The subject is of the legendary prince Yamato Takeru no Mikoto and his retainers subduing a dragon.  The story itself is likely taken from the ancient tome Records of Ancient Matters.  The vases date from the Meiji Period (circa late 19th Century).

  • Product Information

    The miniature earthenware vases measure 9.2 cm (3.6 inches) tall.  Each vase signed on their base (薩摩焼, Satsuma-yaki) ‘Satsuma ware’ and (大日本, Dai Nippon) ‘Great Japan’.  For an antique set the condition is excellent.                          

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Returns are accepted during a three-day inspection period starting upon acceptance of the item with a 10% restocking fee of the original purchase price.  Items wanting to be returned after this three-day inspection period can be purchased back at a discounted price at the discretion of the management of Rain Dragon Art and Antiques, LLC.

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