Raymond Bushell Netsuke
  • Raymond Bushell Netsuke

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    This is a clasp (netsuke) for the drawstring.  The netsuke is contemporary has been patined to a consistent dark color.  The netsuke is made of a copper-silver alloy (shibuichi) specific to Japanese art and is surrounded by a ring of fine textured African Bubinga hardwood.  The netsuke depicts the late and well-known netsuke expert and author Raymond Bushell as the Buddha with exaggerated long ears and nose. In the background is one of Raymond Bushell’s most beloved netsuke of a resting crane highlighted nicely in gold inlay.

    The artist was heavily influenced by the famous netsuke Manju by Tokoku.  Out of great respect and appreciation for all the help provided by Raymond Bushell via his books to him and other collectors he made this netsuke.  It won the ‘Best Use of Materials’ award at the Netsuke Kenkyukai Society International Convention at Chicago, USA in 1993.  It was able to be examined by Raymond Bushell at the time of the Convention.  

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      The netsuke was made in 1992 is signed twice on the covered inside surface with the first initial of the artist name.  The artist Al Walters simply entitled the work ‘Homage’.  It is made of a copper-silver alloy with gold inlay highlight and ringed by African Bubinga hardwood. The condition is excellent.  The netsuke measures 4.5 cm (1.8 inches) round and is 1.0 cm (0.4 inches) deep.

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