Modern Woodblock Print of The Tale of Genji
  • Modern Woodblock Print of The Tale of Genji

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    This is a modern multicolor woodblock print (ukiyo-e) with hand drawn detailing. The print shows a scene from volume 10 of the famous novel Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari). The story was first published in 1021 CE during the Heian Period making it the world’s earliest novel. In the scene Genji visits Rokujō-no-Miyasudokoro (foreground) and her daughter (background). A full explanation in both English and Japanese of the scene and its significates to the story is nicely displayed on the back of the frame for easy viewing.

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      The modern woodblock print was customed framed in accordance with museum standards by fine art gallery Galerie du Monde of Hong Kong. More information about the art gallery can be found here:

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