Long Sword (Katana) by Hamabe Toshinori (1796) + NBTHK
  • Long Sword (Katana) by Hamabe Toshinori (1796) + NBTHK

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    This is an antique long sword (katana) by the master swordsmith (JōsakuHamabe Toshinori who worked in Inaba Province. The temper pattern (hamon) shows a (gunome) reciprocal elements composed of whitish fine martensite crystals (nioi). The forging pattern (jihada) is a fine random pattern (ko-itame). Please refer to the fourth photograph for reference. The unaltered shape of this long sword has a ridgeline on both sides of the blade and a defined tip (hon-zukuri). The sword is also dated a day in the third month 1796 CE, the year of the Dragon.

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      The sword is signed on one side: Hamabe Mino (no) Kami Fujiwara Toshinori (濱部美濃守藤原壽格). On the other side is the date: Kansei Hachi Hinoe Tatsu Nen Sangappi (寛政八丙辰年三月日). The 8th year of Kansei (1796 CE) the year of the dragon, the later part of the inscription references a day in the third lunar month (April). The antique long sword comes in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya). It also has a nice one-piece silver blade collar (habaki) with a nice, applied texture. The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this sword is 69.7 cm (27.9 inches). The condition of this sword is simply beautiful and healthy with no flaws (kizu).

      The sword was appraised to be authentic, good quality, and worthy of historical preservation by the (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyōkai) NBTHK [Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword] at the Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo, Japan. It was appraised on 10/06/1979, Appraisal ID# 371549. More information about the NBTHK and the Japanese Sword Museum can be found here: https://www.touken.or.jp/. A full English translation of the NBTHK apparel paper is available upon request.

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