Long Sword (Katana) by Sukekuni
  • Long Sword (Katana) by Sukekuni

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    This a long sword (katana) by the swordsmith Sukekuni who worked in both Kii and Settsu Provinces. The temper (hamon) consists of large undulating pattern of gentle waves (ō-notare). The base of temper is a fine martensite crystals (nioi) with larger visable martensite crystals (nie) mixed in. The forging pattern of the steel (jihada) has a fine random wood grain pattern (ko-itame). The overall shape of the sword has ridgeline with a defined tip (shinogi-zukuri). Sukekuni worked around the Kanbun Era from 1661-1673 CE. He has an excellent rating in Fujishiro Index as Jo-saku. In Japanese Swordsmiths Revised by HW Hawley, page 764 index number SUK709 this swordsmith is noted for producing sharp swords. The NTHK apprised this sword to be the work of (Hanafusa Sukekuni 花房祐國) and authenticated the signature.

    • Product Information

      The sword is signed (Kishū Jū Sukekuni 紀州住祐國). The long sword comes in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) with a brass one-piece blade collar (habaki). The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this sword is 61.2 cm (24.5 inches). The overall condition of the sword is excellent in a good art polish. There is a small flaw (kizu) and few fine scratches that do not detract from the beauty of sword.
      The sword was appraised to be authentic and of good quality by the NTHK. The NTHK appraisal paper was issued on November 2, 1995, a full English translation of the paper can be provided upon request.

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