Katana Handguard (Tsuba) with Openwork (Sukashi)
  • Katana Handguard (Tsuba) with Openwork (Sukashi)

    SKU: NYE55

    This is an antique handguard (tsuba) made of forged iron. It has a large positive openwork (ji-sukashi) design of the traditional Japanese string instrument (koto). The handguard is sized to fit a long sword (katana). The handguard is the work of Kyō-Shōami School circa the early to middle Edo Period early 17th to mid-18th Century.

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      The handguard measures 7.7 cm (3.0 inches) wide by 7.8 cm (3.1 inches) high. The rim of the handguard is 0.6 cm (0.2 inches) thick. It is unsigned by the artist who made it. The condition of this antique sword handguard is excellent.

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