Long Sword (Katana) Attributed to the Mihara School
  • Long Sword (Katana) Attributed to the Mihara School

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    This is an antique long sword (katana) is attributed to the Mihara School of the Yamato tradition in Bingo Province. The temper pattern (hamon) is a medium sized straight (chu-suguha) consisting of fine martensite crystals (nioi). Area of sword above the temper pattern contain a fine tree ring like forging pattern (ko-mokume), with areas mixed in of larger forging structures (ō-hada). Please refer to the third photograph for reference. The shape of this long sword has a ridgeline on both sides of the blade and a defined tip (shinogi-zukuri). This sword is likely the work of the Mihara School and dates from the Muromachi Period circa 1400s CE.

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      The sword is unsigned but has a remnant of gold inlay attribution signature (kinzogan-mei) that is unreadable on the reverse side of tang (nakago). The antique long sword comes in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) with an attached wooden blade collar (habaki). The cutting-edge length (nagasa) of this sword is 69.1 cm (27.2 inches). The overall condition of the sword is excellent for its age in an art polish. It has a few small dark stains along the back of the blade and a few very minor scratches and very small flaws (kizu).

      The sword was appraised to be authentic, good quality, and worthy of historical preservation by the NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword) at the Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo, Japan. It was appraised on February 4, 2016, Appraisal ID# 3010503. More information about the NBTHK and the Japanese Sword Museum can be found here: https://www.touken.or.jp/. A full English translation of the paper can be provided upon request.

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