Antique Woodblock Print of Kabuki Actor Nakamura Shikan
  • Antique Woodblock Print of Kabuki Actor Nakamura Shikan

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    This is an antique multicolor woodblock print (ukiyo-e) depicting the Kabuki theater actor Nakamura Shikan in the role of a boatman.  The artist of the print is Utagawa Kunisada who lived from 1786-1864 CE in the capital city of Edo.

    • Product Information

      The unframed woodblock print is 27.9 cm (11.0 inches) wide by 37.5 cm (14.75 inches) long.  The print who some foxing and staining of the paper and worm damage to the edge of the print that is age appropriate.   The print is signed by the artist 'Gototei Kunisada ga'. It comes with a letter of authenticity from the Ronin Gallery of New York. 

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