Antique Satsuma Vase
  • Antique Satsuma Vase

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    This is fine antique Satsuma-yaki vase.  The elaborate religious scene is that of many Arhats (rakan) who were direct disciples of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni.  The Buddhist art vase done in the classical Satsuma style which incorporates thick polychrome enameling and liquid gold (suikin) over a plain white cracked glaze.  It would make a fine display piece of antique Japanese ceramic art.

    • Product Information

      The vase measures 25.4 cm (10 inches) tall and 19.0 cm (7.5 inches) wide at its widest point.  There is crack and repair of the rim of the vase visible in the second photograph that is only visible from above.  Overall the vase is still structurally sound and is in good antique condition minus the repaired crack on the rim.  It has a hand painted marks on the bottom of the vase consisting of the family crest of the ruling Shimazu family along with the name of the kiln workshop.  This indicates that it was made after about 1880 CE.                    

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