Antique Japanese Short Sword (Wakizashi) by Kanesada
  • Antique Japanese Short Sword (Wakizashi) by Kanesada

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    This is an antique short sword (wakizashi) in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) and a two-piece gold foil blade collar (habaki). This sword blade dates from the early Edo Period circa 1673 CE by master swordsmith (Jo-Jo SakuKanesada of Settsu Province. The blade shows a nice wave like temper pattern (hamon) done in an ultrafine invisible (nioi) and large visitable (nie) crystals of martensite. The forging pattern (jihada) shows a course mixture of random flow of the grain (itame) with tree burls (mokome). The blade has a ridge-line construction (hon-zukuri). The sword has an inscription on the scabbard by co-founder of the NBTHK Dr. Kanzan Sato attributing the sword to the work of the Echigo (no) Kami Kanesada.

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      The blade has been authenticated and deemed to be of good quality by the Japanese Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Art Sword (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai). The short sword is signed "Echigo (no) Kami Kanesada (越後守包貞)" and authenticated by the NBTHK. The blade dates from the early Edo Period circa 1673 CE. The cutting-edge length of the blade (nagasa) measures 20.6 inches (51.5 cm) long. Overall, the condition of the blade is fine, the art polish has only a few very minor scratches and one dark stain on the back of blade. A full English translation of the NBTHK apparel paper is available upon request.

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