Antique Japanese Dagger (Tantō) by Tenseido
  • Antique Japanese Dagger (Tantō) by Tenseido

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    This is an antique dagger (tantō) in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya). It is a small blade likely a lady's dagger, favored by the wives of samurai during the Edo Period. This sword blade is dated the first year of Meiji Period (1869 CE) by Tenseido of Satsuma Province.
    The tantō is polished in a sashikomei style. The undulating pattern (midareba) of the temper line (hamon) is clear and bright. The temper pattern of the tip (boshi) shows a great turn back (o-maru). The temper pattern consists of fine particles (nioi). The actively literally meaning 'potato vine' (imozuru) is in and around the hamon and appear as dark horizontal lines. This is a characteristic feature is seen in Shintō and Shinshintō works by Satsuma Province swordsmiths.

    • Product Information

      The length of the cutting edge is 15.5 cm (6.1 inches). Overall length of the tanto in scabbard is 30.94 cm (12.18 inches). The signature on the front of the tang (nakago) reads (Sashu Mikawa Tenseido 薩州三河天生土). The backside of the tang reads (Meiji-ni mi ni-tsuki hi 明治二巳二月日). The tantō is dated on the reverse side of the tang: year of the snake, the second year of the Meiji (1869 CE), a day in the second month. The patina on the nakago is consistent with tantō age. The tantō is in excellent condition with a fine art polish.

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