Antique Japanese Dagger (Tantō)
  • Antique Japanese Dagger (Tantō)

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    This is a large antique Japanese dagger (tantō) by second generation master swordsmith Shigetaka who was active in Echizen Province (modern day Fukui Prefecture) during the early Edo Period.  The blade collar (habaki) is of very high quality made of a one-piece copper base with copper-gold alloy (shakudō) foil cover. This large dagger is now stored in a plain wooden storage scabbard and silk bag. The dagger is being list on consignment by the owner. 

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      The large dagger has a cutting-edge blade length of 27.1 cm (10.7 inches) long.  It is unsigned by the swordsmith who made it but was apprised in Japan by the well-known and respected NTHK an organization now lead by Yoshikawa Eiichi who is curator of swords for the Japanese Imperial Household Agency, the Shosoin Imperial Repository and Seikado Museum.  The dagger was attributed to be the work of the second-generation master swordsmith Harima Daijō Shigetaka of the Echizen-Seki School circa the Enpō Era (1673-1681 CE). The NTHK appraisal paper issued on December 3, 1989 (containing the seal of Yoshikawa Eiichi's late father) a full English translation of the paper is included with the sale.

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