Antique Ink Wash Painting (sumi-e) Hanging Scroll
  • Antique Ink Wash Painting (sumi-e) Hanging Scroll

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    A antique Japanese hanging scroll (kakejiku) of a ink wash painting (sumi-e). The medium of the painting is plain black ink on handmade paper. The backing of the scroll itself is made of silk. The scene of the painting is of a single bird and amoung Spring flowers. There is one short poems wirtten in the upper right cornor of the scroll. It is says 'Yamasora chinsei hito no kowairo sakura ni tori kisei. Harusame yo kinoe-tora' which translates as 'Across the mountain sky, calm voices of people and the resolute cries of a bird on a cherry tree.Year of the tiger in the season of gentle spring rain'.

    The second short poem wirtten later in upper left cornor the scroll wasn't completely readable says 'Ichieda no sakura ??Kitori ? no monoKinoto-i haru ?-dai' which translates to 'A branch of a cherry tree…?? Inscription added in spring of the year of the boar'.     

    • Product Information

      The painting is stamped by the artist at the end of a written poem in the upper right corner of the scroll. I couldn’t read all because of the writing style and the use of obsolete kanji characters. This hanging wall scroll measures 178.0 cm (70.3 inches) long and 50.5 cm (19.8 inches) wide. The painting is made of handmade paper backed by a silk scroll. The roller at one end of the scroll is made of lacquer wood. The condition is very good, but the scrolls shows some creasing and repaired damaged to of the paper of the original painting. The ink painting is antqiue and dates from the late Edo Period circa 1830 CE. 

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