Antique Brass Handguard (Tsuba)
  • Antique Brass Handguard (Tsuba)

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    This is a Japanese sword handguard (tsuba) made of brass (shinchu). The finely detail design boldly highlighted with black lacquer is that of many monkeys a popular design used in art of Hizen Province. The craftsmanship of this handguard is very fine. Its likely dates from the mid to late Edo Period circa the 18th to mid-19th century and is characteristic of work done on Hirado Island of Hizen Province.

    • Product Information

      This handguard (tsuba) is unsigned by the artist who made it. It measures 7.0 cm (2.7 inches) wide by 7.3 cm (2.9 inches) high. It is 5.0 mm (0.20 inches) at the rim and is of uniform thickness. The overall condition of the handguard is excellent. The natural patina of the antique brass with black lacquer highlights are excellent. On an inside surface of the central opening is written the numbers '108723'. These numbers were likely part of an accessioning system for a large private or museum collection. Wooden storage box is not included in the sale.

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