Accessory Knife Handle (Kozuka)


This is an antique accessory knife handle (kozuka) made of the copper-gold alloy (shakudō) or a long sword (katana). It has a large gold (kin) inlay of three dragons with a soft golden color high above the fine fish roe textured surface (nanako-ji). The knife handle is likely the work of the Mino Kinkō School during the Azuchi-Momoyama Period to the early Edo Period approximately between 1568-1670 CE. 

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    It is unsigned by the artist who made the accessory knife handle. It measures 9.7 cm (3.8 inches) long by 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) high.  The thickness at the handle is 0.9 cm (0.3 inches). A custom fitted wooden storage box and pad is included in the sale. The overall condition of it is very fine. There has been some professional restoration work done to the knife handle by the traditional trained artist Marcus Chambers. The kozuka before restoration was photographed and written about by Darcy Brockbank on is website here.

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