Welcome my name is David Stiles.  I am the owner and founder of Rain Dragon Fine Art and Antiques.  I have always been fascinated by the mythology and symbolism of the rain dragon in East Asia particularly Japan.  The rain dragon is regarded as a young dragon that is a bringer of wealth and good fortune.  It has exceptional eyesight that allows them to see opportunity which others easily overlook.  I have been actively studying Japanese history and culture since 2001 and collecting the fine art antiques of Japan while visiting there since 2006.  Fun facts about me and my personal collection can be found on the sister website Tsuba Otaku | Reflections of a Not So Empty Mind.


The main purpose of this website is to provide a wide range of Japanese fine art and antiques (e.g. swords, sword fittings, armor, woodblock prints, paintings, scrolls, modern art, etc.).  I will also purchase Japanese art and antique collections.  Consignment options for a few pieces are also available upon request at info@raindragonfinearts.com.  Additionally, I will also provide research, locating, identification, and evaluation services for all types of Japanese fine art and antiques for private collectors, galleries, and businesses.  Please contact me at info@raindragonfinearts.com to make a service request.